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gregory p. / twenty-eight / columbus, ohio, united states

April 23rd
11:52 am

are there any good shows in the dallas area tonight? i’m only going to be there tonight.

April 22nd
7:08 pm


Yoshiko Ohara of Bloody Panda has some strange pre-show rituals O.o

April 22nd
5:12 pm

April 22nd
3:48 am

forever identifying with roast beef.

April 22nd
1:08 am

April 21st
11:54 pm


sin título by garmonique on Flickr.

April 21st
10:51 pm


Shōmei Tōmatsu (東松 照明, Tōmatsu Shōmei, January 16, 1930 – December 14, 2012) - Untitled, from the series “Protest, Tokyo”, 1969

April 21st
3:31 pm

April 21st
1:54 pm

April 21st
11:03 am

i’m 28 today.

April 20th
9:44 pm

my heart.

April 17th
10:10 pm

a secret. i fall asleep listening to star wars audio books almost every night.

April 17th
9:57 pm

April 17th
9:54 pm

April 17th
9:45 pm